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Speaking and Commercials

WIT Speaking

WiT 10 Minute Commercials

The 10 minute commercial is where you have the opportunity to speak in detail about your business. Tell us what your business is and how you can serve us as a group or individuals. You may also sell products and services at this time. Any marketing materials you might have are also allowed to be placed at the attendee’s tables. This is a great way to get your business name and reputation known.

The cost for a 10 minute commercial is $100. for member and $150. for non-members. If interested, please speak with Jennifer, President of Women In Touch by calling: 661-755-2545 or emailing her at: jennifer@WomenInTouchSCV.com. She will arrange the date of when you can speak and collect your funds.

WiT 20 Minute Speakers

Speakers are invited to share something with the group that will either inspire and/or educate the group giving us the knowledge and tools we need for the work-life balance we deserve.

We encourage the speaker to have 3 to 5 key points, challenges, or take-aways that they have learned in the their business or day-to-day life that will encourage, enrich, enlighten and teach the Women in Touch Breakfast Group. The speaker is given 20 minutes to shine on the floor in front of a group of supportive and eager to learn women.

If this is something that you are interested in, please click here to submit a request to be a speaker: speaker form